Home Care Tip #3 From a Home Inspector -Infrared Imaging-

October 2, 2016 admin

HOME CARE TIP #3. Don’t throw your hard earned money out the window by using Infrared Imaging

The window in this infrared imaging picture was fully closed and sealed. The window showed no visible signs of failure to the naked eye, but after taking a look with an infrared camera it showed a much different story. There was 102 degree air leaking in the house from the window. This is just like having your windows cracked open a few inches the whole year.

The second best way to to tell if you have this issue at your home is to just use the back of hand to feel for warmer air coming in around the seals of your window. Sometimes you may see condensation between panes, which is a sure sign your window seals have failed.

Keeping an eye on your home’s windows can save a bundle in energy costs.