The home inspection trade started out a long time ago.  Back then you were lucky if you could find a friend or have an uncle that worked in a construction trade willing to "check a few things out" at the house you were buying after his day job.


Then shortly after the home inspections trade evolved into the 2nd generation of inspectors that used checklist only reports and just handed them over with a few pictures to the customer a day or two after the inspection was done.  


Then came 21st century and Intensive Inspections.   Our company is a small family owned home inspection company based in Franklin, IN.  Our business platform was developed using thousands of dollars worth of state of the art equipment.  We also use the latest and greatest report writing software.  


We realize how stressful a real estate transaction process can be. Rest assured you will get the best home inspection possible with Intensive Inspections. Your inspector has the best training, knowledge and experience in the industry. We know what to look for and what we are looking at.


We use a checklist type report during inspection for accuracy then convert to advanced report writing software.  This ensures as the customer you get the best of two worlds during inspection process.  You get the accuracy of a checklist report, but our advanced software now makes use of digital photos with text boxes, arrows pointing out defects and easy to understand report narratives. This makes your report clearer and more easy to understand.  We know that the inspection is only content for the report, but the report is only as good as it's content.  The report is our end product to you.

When the process is all done and you know you have made the right decisions, you'll be glad you chose Intensive Inspections.